What is Cosmelan?

Cosmelan is a very intensive depigmentation treatment to target pigmentation such as melasma, pregnancy blemishes, sun spots/age spots and post inflammatory pigmentation such as after acne. Cosmelan is the only depigmentation treatment that can treat all skin types. 

Cosmelan treats all pigmentation, aging, lack of luminescence and other skin conditions with high-quality ingredients and expertly-designed formulations. Cosmelan helps to restore radiance and clarity that can be lost as environmental aggressors attack our skin.

Cosmelan is a professional, topical brightening treatment that targets all types of brown patches and skin discolorations. It significantly reduces the blemishes caused by increased melanin production by gently fading the pigment and suppressing further pigment from resurfacing.

What can it treat?

Cosmelan treats:

What steps are involved in the treatment?


A thorough Skin Analysis is carried out to find out what type of pigmentation you have. We will then go through the history of the pigmentation. This will allow us to establish a correct protocol for you. The skin is cleansed with an Ultra Mild Cleanser. A degreasing solution is applied to aid ingredient penetration. The Cosmelan Mask is applied and is left to dry for 15 minutes.

You are sent home with the Mask on – The Mask has to be left on the skin for 6-10 hours.

Normally we conduct these treatments in the Morning, so the Mask can be washed off by evening time.

After the correct time period you will need to wash the Mask off and use the homecare products which will be included in your treatment price.

You will then be booked in every month to check your progress and maintenance plan.

How many treatments will i need?

Normally one treatment with homecare maintenance cream is enough to achieve good results.

However in cases of deep pigmentation the treatment may need to be repeated, although after the first treatment the pigmentation will be much lighter.

What Results Should I expect?

You will get very noticeable results with this treatment. We will be with you every step of the way and will see you every month to check on your progress and maintenance plan.

During the first & second week of cosmetic treatment using the Cosmelan method the skin will already show a substantial improvement. Blemishes being treated will tend to diminish and simultaneously, the skin will start to show a brighter and rejuvenated look. During the end of the second week you will notice significant revival and beautification of the skin.

You will get stimulation of capillary circulation giving an effect of the new skin. The skin will appear Luminous, fresh, smooth and shiny.

In 99% of cases involving blemishes or abnormal hyperpigmentation of epidermal origin, the blemish elimination process achieved a 95% efficacy rate.

Are there any Contraindications to the treatment?

You should not have the treatment if you will continue to have excessive sun exposure.

You have had any type of recent facial surgical procedure – you will have to wait up to 6 months until all the scars have healed.

You have to wait one week prior to and after Botox and or Dermal Fillers.

You are Pregnant or Breastfeeding.

Have to wait 2 weeks after Laser Hair Removal and waxing your face or after use of depilatory creams

You have to stop using Glycolic acid and Retin A one week before the peel.

Avoid using self-tanners, scrubs or exfoliating agents one week before treatment.

Notify your clinician if you begin any new type of medication, oral supplement and or any change to your health has occurred, as it may cause increased sensitivity to you peel treatment.