After treatment apply the Post Laser Gel (available from our clinics) to the treated area twice a day for 2-3 days in order to minimize the likelihood of side effects.


For up to 2 hours after your treatment redness is common and can continue for a few days. Applying the Post Laser Gel as advised will dramatically improve your recovery.

Until redness has completely subsided, avoid the following:

  • Use of perfume, scented lotions, soaps, exfoliants, creams, Retin A, AHA’s, loofah sponges and aggressive scrubbing.

  • Hot or cold water wash with tepid water.

  • Shaving or depilatory creams.

  • Swimming in pools and spas with chemicals, salts or chlorine.

  • Activities that apply heat to the body or cause the body to generate excessive heat or perspire excessively.


If crusting, swelling, blistering or welting of the skin occurs, apply the Post Laser Gel and advise us immediately. A Vic Laser & Skincare clinician can then advise ways to treat the reaction before any permanent damage occurs. It is critical that you do not pick at these areas, as this may result in infection, scarring or hyper /hypo pigmentation. Cold healing laser (LILT) may be used to treat reactions.


At own cost client may need to see a GP post treatment in order to obtain medication/treatment such as antibiotics, cortisone and burn ointments.


2-3weeks (7-10 days for the face) after treatment, the treated area may begin to appear like that of stubble. This is not new hair growth, but rather the fragments of the treated hair being expelled from the damaged follicle. Do not pluck out this hair, allow it fall away by gently rubbing with a warm cloth or through a suitable exfoliating product recommended to you by one of our clinicians.  During this period you may shave the treated areas.


After each treatment you should notice fewer hairs returning, however the greatest reduction is commonly seen in the first 2-6 treatments. A reduction in the hair’s fineness makes it more difficult to destroy it completely; therefore treatments may only damage fine hairs. Finer hairs will take longer to return and may return even lighter and finer.


It is essential that you personally monitor your hair regrowth, as the clinician is not in a position to observe the hair during this regrowth stage. If fewer hairs are not returning after each treatment, discuss this with your clinician immediately, as this may indicate that we have achieved the best possible result for you individually. If so continuing treatments will result in ongoing maintenance hair removal and not permanent reduction.


For people that have had previous treatments at clinics other than at Vic Laser & Skincare Clinics, permanent hair reduction may not be achieved. This being that previous treatments may have damaged hair follicles, resulting in finer hairs and therefore the need for ongoing maintenance treatments.